Boutique Studio Dedicated to Mind + Movement through the Pilates & Gyrotonic® Excercise Methods.


Pilates Reformer



The Pilates Reformer is a spring-based machine infamous for sculpting lean, toned bodies world-wide.  Pilates afficionados will credit the Reformer with an endless list of benefits including increased strength, flexibility, grace, focus and a transformation in the way you look, feel and carry yourself.


Gyrotonic® Pulley/ Tower



The pulley tower is the most widely used piece of equipment in the Gyrotonic® Expansion System.  The workout is a continual movement of rhythmic quality stemming from the arch and curl motion of the spine. Adjustments to pulleys, handles, and to the resistance are customized to fit your body. The tower experience is one that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.  This is stretching, toning, and strengthening at its finest.  


Pilates Springboard Sculpt


Sculpt a long lean body in time for summer! Lengthen and strengthen your muscles, work your core and improve flexibility. All of this bundled into a small batch fitness group. 3-5 people per class. Lots of focus on you. 50 minutes


Reformer Duet



Share in the Pilates experience with a friend as a duet.  This  is a great solution for two people who want to work out together, and is less expensive than a one on one session.


Group Circuit



A 50 minute workout with all the goodness of the studio and the energy of a group environment. Group participants must have permission of the instructor.  If you are new to Pilates equipment, you can sign up for an Introductory Package and we will work 1:1 to get you group ready!



Private Session (1:1)       Single-$65     5-Pack $250  ($50/class)    10-Pack $480 ($48/class)

Semi-Private (2:1)            Single- $355-Pack $135 ($27/class)     10-Pack $250 ($25/class)

Group Class( 3+:1)            Single- $305-Pack $125($25/class)     10-Pack $230 ($23/class)

Introductory Package  3 Private Sessions $125  (new clients only)

If you are visiting McMinnville and don't want to miss your Pilates or Gyrotonic practice, please contact us for special rates.